Hey, and welcome to a small subsection of the Internet I've cordoned off and made for myself.

Now I'll be straightfoward here, I couldn't tell you why I decided to do that, my current reasoning only goes as far as "Seems like an interesting thing to do", and it will probably remain that way forever. But, a theoretical more accurate point could be though that the Internet often doesn't herald creativity as much as it used to, with big-name websites being the only ones people tend to see anymore, so why shouldn't I break that trend?

Thus far, this site's had a decent amount of work put into it, with a few random things I've found strewn about the pages. A pitifully small amount of stuff to show for over 3 years of on-and-off work, but what can I say? Consistency is not my strong-suit. You can go ahead and see what I've got here at this point, and there might end up being more later... no promises!

To the right you can see the latest news post available, and the top-bar holds the navigation menu to other sections. Like I said about 7 seconds ago, go ahead and explore. It's not like I could stop you in any concievable way, right?!

Remember: In the end, the only thing that matters is that you found something new.

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12/19/2023 - Approximately 1.8 Billion Years Later...

Y'know, I had been hoping my previous statements from my one-year-ago self wouldn't end up being true, but if the gap between this and the last post says anything, they sure did! By far this is the most egregious lack of attention I've ever had with the site, and that's saying something considering how often I show interest for about 2 milliseconds and then immediately do something else for half a year.

It's not that I didn't forget about this place either, I had came up with ideas like 3 different times, but just... didn't bother doing anything about it! So yep, entirely my fault this site's gone into disrepair (well I suppose that's not the correct term, site's still running fine, but close enough), and I really should have at least said something sooner. For the most part, this post's entirely to tell you that I'm not dead, for one, and for two, well... uh... nothing else actually. Yeah I did just tell you I have ideas, but they're very-much vague at the moment, although they've kinda always been like that so hell if I know they'll ever materialize into something tangible. I suppose the best thing you (and me) can do is just wait and see if I can stoke up a flame, and more importantly, keep it going. I'll try to work on that, at least!

Actually, I can share an idea I have, one that'll be easy to implement too: I plan on getting some new music for everything, including individual themes for every section, so it isn't just some random Deltarune song I thought sounded good enough on every page. That counts for something, amirite?

And one more thing: I'll probably do a bunch of HTML cleanup soon enough, nearly every div has some form of 'style' element tacked on to it, many of which use the same settings; I need to standardize them into CSS IDs, then editing things will be a lot easier, which means site updates faster (theoretically)!

If, for some reason, you want to place my website button on another site, you're welcome to do so. Simply copy-paste the text from the box and place it where you want said button to show-up. Or don't, I'm only some HTML text, I can't make you do anything myself, and if I could, well, that'd both be unethical and dangerous, so food for thought.